GSA Schedule

Coastal International Security is proud to be one of the first security companies to meet the requirements of the General Services Administration (GSA), placing it on the GSA Schedule for security services. The company received its GSA Schedule Contract status in July 2000, and has been in good standing with the GSA ever since. (Contract GS-07F-0352K). View our pricing list by selecting this link:

Regardless of whether our client is a government or commercial organization, all Coastal security officers are trained to the rigid standards specified by the GSA.

While Coastal develops the specific security requirements of each project by working hand-in-hand with that organization’s personnel, here is a general listing of security services for which the GSA has established standards:

  • Entrance Control
  • Package Inspections
  • Roving Patrols
  • Closed circuit TV surveillance
  • Traffic and Parking Control
  • Issuance and Control of Keys
  • Security and Fire System Monitoring
  • X-ray and Magnetometer Monitoring
  • Compliance With Rules and Regulations
  • Operation of Lost and Found
  • Maintenance of Law and Order
  • Prevention of Unauthorized Access
  • Hazardous Conditions Monitoring
  • Injury or Illness Intervention
  • Flying the United States Flag
  • Preparation and Maintenance of Reports and Records
  • Civil Disturbance Control
  • Emergency Personnel Management
  • Fire Services
  • Export Control
  • Protective services information assurance/technology security