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Coastal International Security provides strategic planning and security services to high-impact government agencies such as the Department of State, Homeland Security and Defense, as well as commercial organizations. An American-owned and operated company offering a full spectrum of top-end security solutions at home and abroad, Coastal’s services are crucial to clients that need to know their interests are safely protected.

Coastal is the strategic security partner of choice to agencies tasked with some of America’s most sensitive issues of defense and protection.


A Total Security Solution

  • Program security management and consulting
  • Armed security personnel
  • Comprehensive threat vulnerability assessment
  • Elite incident and emergency response teams
  • Internal, contract and online security training

A Well-Earned Reputation

  • Serving globally since 1991
  • Operating in twenty-three different nations
  • The standard by which other providers are judged
  • Trusted by the most sensitive government agencies
  • Time-tested experience and expertise
  • A GSA provider

Superior Training Programs

  • Multiple training academies
  • Comprehensive training to DHS standards
  • Training for Coastal staff
  • Training services for other security companies
  • Online training modules